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New Town Vs Greater Northern Raiders
New Town Oval
26 Oct 2019, Start: 10:30 AM
One-Day, 1 Inns, Round 4
Umpires - Mitchell Jamie, Stewart Wade
New Town won on 1st Innings
Reduced to 48 overs due to rain.

Toss won by Greater Northern Raiders

Greater Northern Raiders Batting - Innings 1
1Hayes Brodienot out 108014481
2Barnard Miles*lbw b Mupariwa Tawanda1401711
3Paraam Anish E.c Keeling Austin b Owen Mitchell J.7209851
4Williams Jakec Mupariwa Tafara R. b Dyson Mathew3503141
5Newland Lachlannot out 20200
6Wood Oliverdnb
7O'Mahony Samueldnb
8Chapman Jonathondnb
9Spinks Bendnb
10French Rhys A.dnb
11Anthes Cooperdnb
extras (b4 lb3 w14 nb3)24 
  3 for 255(48.0 ov)

1-19(Barnard Miles) 2-178(Paraam Anish E.) 3-251(Williams Jake)

New Town Bowling
Pybus Thomas10137011
Mupariwa Tawanda9042130
Owen Mitchell J.10053132
Keeling Austin10048020
Dyson Mathew9068150

New Town Batting - Innings 1
1Willoughby Jordanc Paraam Anish E. b Spinks Ben4908240
2Mupariwa Tafara R.b Chapman Jonathon1803520
3Randall Joec French Rhys A. b Spinks Ben5607061
4Gravina Thomasc Wood Oliver b Paraam Anish E.00400
5Owen Mitchell J.c O'Mahony Samuel b Newland Lachlan7003774
6Wright Samc French Rhys A. b Spinks Ben70910
7Mupariwa Tawanda*not out 3303450
8Kessell Jack M.not out 10600
9Pybus Thomasdnb
10Dyson Mathewdnb
11Keeling Austindnb
extras (b2 lb6 w13 nb1)22 
  6 for 256(46.0 ov)

1-34(Mupariwa Tafara R.) 2-122(Willoughby Jordan) 3-125(Gravina Thomas) 4-148(Randall Joe) 5-157(Wright Sam) 6-239(Owen Mitchell J.)

Greater Northern Raiders Bowling
Wood Oliver9048031
Chapman Jonathon10333100
Newland Lachlan8036100
Paraam Anish E.5033110
O'Mahony Samuel7053040
Anthes Cooper2013000
Spinks Ben5032350

*Captain Wicket Keeper - Last updated 15 Nov 2019 GMT