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Army Vs Royal Air Force
St John's Wood, Lord's Cricket Ground
30 May 2019, Start: 10 AM
M_Twenty 20, Pool MenIS, T20, Round 1
Umpires - JJ Jones, RJ Saunders
Scorers - CL Green, VH Isaacs
Army won by 4 wkts
Third Umpire: MJ Seward
Match Referee: CLK Nicholson

Toss won by Army

Royal Air Force Batting - Innings 1
1RJ Diverc CA Reed b MA Simon2101100
2TM Chapmanc TD Lester b UAT Hill16211220
3TIL Shorthousec TD Lester b Ross Dearden26433011
4AM Fisher*b Ross Dearden40353530
5AM Watsonb MA Simon13171510
6AR McGeorgelbw b DP Narayan56410
7Adam Sutcliffenot out 715900
8AR Patelb DP Narayan04200
9TW Faircloughc GM Wiseman b DP Narayan12200
10JA Iniffnot out 01000
11IA Sinclairdnb
extras (b5 lb2 w5 nb0)12 
  8 for 122(20.0 ov)

1-9(RJ Diver) 2-26(TM Chapman) 3-91(TIL Shorthouse) 4-94(AM Fisher) 5-107(AR McGeorge) 6-116(AM Watson) 7-120 8-122(TW Fairclough)

Army Bowling
MA Simon4013220
UAT Hill4025110
NB Schofield107000
JD Boynton4021010
DP Narayan4030310
Ross Dearden3019200

Army Batting - Innings 1
1GM Wisemanb AM Watson13302301
2CA Reedst AM Fisher b TW Fairclough10131430
3LM Fletcherst AM Fisher b AR Patel19323301
4Varun Balib AM Watson56700
5DP Narayannot out 40292323
6JD Boynton*c AM Watson b TIL Shorthouse2210811
7MA Simonrun out Adam Sutcliffe 07000
8TD Lesternot out 01000
9NB Schofielddnb
10Ross Deardendnb
11UAT Hilldnb
extras (b2 lb2 w10 nb0)14 
  6 for 123(18.0 ov)

1-13(CA Reed) 2-35(GM Wiseman) 3-46(Varun Bali) 4-62(LM Fletcher) 5-100(JD Boynton) 6-117(MA Simon)

Royal Air Force Bowling
TW Fairclough307100
IA Sinclair4034010
JA Iniff109020
AR Patel3024110
AM Watson4018220
TIL Shorthouse3027100

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