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The Lee 2nd XI Vs Penn Tylers 2nd XI
The Lee Cricket Club
15 Jun 2019, Start: 1 PM
Division 2, 1 Inns, Round 6
Umpires - Terry Bentley
Penn Tylers 2nd XI won by 34 runs
Toss won by The Lee 2nd XI

Penn Tylers 2nd XI Batting - Innings 1
1Neil Christophersonc Sam Harris b Ganesh Balan6010
2Lochie Christophersonb Ganesh Balan22040
3Henry Barberc Patrick Walsh b Ganesh Balan8000
4Kenzie Christophersonb Ganesh Balan0000
5Alex Woolleyb Ganesh Balan6000
6Lj Ekendhalb Oliver Cupit0000
7Nick Ekendahlc Charlie Line b Oliver Cupit0000
8Doug Marriotnot out 820160
9Chris Judge*c Ganesh Balan b Sam Harris6000
10Jon Wilsonb Charlie Line7010
11Damian Roscoelbw b Oliver Cupit8010
extras (b6 lb2 w11 nb3)22 
  10 for 167all out (36.2 ov)

The Lee 2nd XI Bowling
Ganesh Balan10234500
James Sharman4023000
Oliver Cupit9.2133300
Sam Harris5013100
Charlie Line4125100
Andrew Knott4031000

The Lee 2nd XI Batting - Innings 1
1James Cookc Doug Marriot b Jon Wilson5010
2Fraser Chapmanc Jon Wilson b Alex Woolley50080
3Andrew Knottc ? b Damian Roscoe8010
4Sam Rixb Lochie Christopherson1000
5Charlie Linec Lj Ekendhal b Lochie Christopherson1000
6Iain Wardc Jon Wilson b Alex Woolley2000
7Ganesh Balanc&b Lochie Christopherson22030
8James Sharman*c Lj Ekendhal b Alex Woolley2000
9Oliver Cupitc Henry Barber b Damian Roscoe3000
10Sam Harrislbw b Damian Roscoe7010
11Patrick Walshnot out 0000
extras (b7 lb2 w22 nb1)32 
  10 for 133all out (38.3 ov)

Penn Tylers 2nd XI Bowling
Henry Barber5216000
Jon Wilson8128100
Kenzie Christopherson1017000
Lochie Christopherson7.3112300
Damian Roscoe11030300
Alex Woolley6021300

*Captain Wicket Keeper - Last updated 21 Jun 2019 GMT