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The Lee 2nd XI Vs Hurley 2nd XI
The Lee Cricket Club
29 Jun 2019, Start: 1 PM
Division 2, 1 Inns, Round 8
Umpires - Patrick Walsh
Scorers - Rita Walton
The Lee 2nd XI won by 2 wkts
Toss won by The Lee 2nd XI

Hurley 2nd XI Batting - Innings 1
1Mike Waltonlbw b Anand Sharma416660
2Mike Colec Charlie Line b Lj Martin11490212
3Raheem Dadc York Woodford Smith b Lj Martin51410
4Scott Taylorb Lj Martin0100
5Steve Taylor*c Jack Stark b Lj Martin0900
6Luca Albericib Anand Sharma1300
7Jo Grahamc York Woodford Smith b Fraser Chapman322660
8Albie Bish-Groucottb Anand Sharma91020
9Hassan Gulc&b Sam Harris5410
10Dave Waltonb Anand Sharma0500
11Liam Colenot out 41100
extras (b0 lb2 w10 nb4)16 
  10 for 227all out (41.0 ov)

1-150(Mike Cole) 2-172(Raheem Dad) 3-172(Scott Taylor) 4-174(Steve Taylor) 5-174(Mike Walton) 6-186(Luca Alberici) 7-196(Albie Bish-Groucott) 8-201(Hassan Gul) 9-211(Dave Walton) 10-227(Jo Graham)

The Lee 2nd XI Bowling
Anand Sharma11329400
Dharmendra Pathak5129000
Ollie Hale3026050
Ganesh Balan6136013
York Woodford Smith3033000
Lj Martin6220420
Jack Stark3019022
Sam Harris3031100
Fraser Chapman102100

The Lee 2nd XI Batting - Innings 1
1Steve Painc Scott Taylor b Liam Cole20040
2Fraser Chapmanc Jo Graham b Hassan Gul650110
3Lj Martinb Hassan Gul37050
4Charlie Line*not out 800131
5Jack Starkst Mike Walton b Hassan Gul0000
6Anand Sharmab Raheem Dad2000
7Ganesh Balanb Raheem Dad6010
8Dharmendra Pathaklbw b Raheem Dad0000
9Sam Harrisb Hassan Gul4000
10Ollie Halenot out 0000
11York Woodford Smithdnb
extras (b2 lb0 w10 nb3)15 
  8 for 229(47.1 ov)

1-56(Steve Pain) 2-122(Lj Martin) 3-145(Fraser Chapman) 4-149(Jack Stark) 5-165(Anand Sharma) 6-171(Ganesh Balan) 7-171(Dharmendra Pathak) 8-224(Sam Harris)

Hurley 2nd XI Bowling
Scott Taylor8042000
Luca Alberici3019020
Liam Cole8030120
Dave Walton2020010
Raheem Dad12050310
Hassan Gul7.1138412
Steve Taylor5020000
Albie Bish-Groucott208000

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