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The Lee 1st XI Vs Littlewick Green 2nd XI
The Lee Cricket Club
6 Jul 2019, Start: 1 PM
Division 1, 1 Inns, Round 8
Umpires - Colin Treadaway
The Lee 1st XI won by 204 runs
Toss won by Littlewick Green 2nd XI

The Lee 1st XI Batting - Innings 1
1Mike Harrisb Waleed Nawaz112 
2Robert Walshc Fred Herbert b Jack Hesom125 
3Peter Dixonnot out 48 
4Harry Huttc Sean Graham b Simon Fuller17 
5Jamie Line*not out 2 
6Will Youngdnb
7Stephen Gardnerdnb
8Charlie Englanddnb
9Mark Channerdnb
10Harry Ricednb
11Matthew Linednb
extras (b10 lb3 w1 nb4)18 
  3 for 322(37.0 ov)

Littlewick Green 2nd XI Bowling
Paul Isherwood4131000
Waleed Nawaz9076100
Fred Herbert4040000
Subir Banerji4051000
Louis Russell7056000
Jack Hesom5032100
Simon Fuller3015100
Colin Russell108000

Littlewick Green 2nd XI Batting - Innings 1
1Simon Fullerb Harry Hutt7 
2Colin Russellc Jamie Line b Harry Hutt5 
3Subir Banerjilbw b Matthew Line7 
4Sean Grahamc&b Matthew Line33 
5Paul Isherwoodc&b Harry Rice18 
6Waleed Nawazlbw b Harry Rice17 
7David Herronb Robert Walsh4 
8Jack Hesomlbw b Harry Rice2 
9Bill Green*run out Harry Hutt 13 
10Fred Herbertrun out Charlie England 0 
11Louis Russellnot out 2 
extras (b8 lb1 w1 nb0)10 
  10 for 118all out (29.2 ov)

The Lee 1st XI Bowling
Harry Hutt8226200
Matthew Line9429200
Harry Rice5130300
Robert Walsh4.228100
Stephen Gardner208000
Will Young106000

*Captain Wicket Keeper - Last updated 19 Aug 2019 GMT