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Widmer End St Margarets 1st Vs Emmbrook and Bearwood CC - 1st
Widmer End
13 Jul 2019, Start: 1 PM
CMB Premiership 2, 1 Inns, Round 10
Emmbrook and Bearwood CC - 1st won by 7 wkts
Toss won by Emmbrook and Bearwood CC - 1st

Widmer End St Margarets 1st Batting - Innings 1
1D Lewisrun out Prasad Mhatre 5 
2Andrew Law*c ? b Alistair Fairhead5 
3Connor Eleyc Joseph Smart b Alistair Fairhead8 
4A Waltersb Mark Cobb45 
5B Hobbsb Sandeep Nair4 
6John Hattc Alistair Fairhead b Mark Cobb0 
7Kenny Holtc Alistair Fairhead b Sandeep Nair41 
8Nigel Greenallb A Prathamesh7 
9John Wyattnot out 22 
10Chris Beebyc Imran Khan b Sanjeev Jain7 
extras (b12 lb2 w19 nb1)34 
  9 for 178all out (44.3 ov)

Emmbrook and Bearwood CC - 1st Bowling
Mark Cobb14329200
Alistair Fairhead5118200
Alex Cobb5031000
Abhijit Shinde6020000
A Prathamesh8135100
Sandeep Nair4015200
Prasad Mhatre1011000
Joseph Smart104000
Sanjeev Jain0.301100

Emmbrook and Bearwood CC - 1st Batting - Innings 1
1Alex Cobb*not out 96 
2Andrew Robertsonc Chris Beeby b Kenny Holt0 
3Imran Khanc B Hobbs b Chris Beeby65 
4Joseph Smartrun out 1 
5A Prathameshnot out 0 
6Alistair Fairheaddnb
7Abhijit Shindednb
8Mark Cobbdnb
9Sanjeev Jaindnb
10Prasad Mhatrednb
11Sandeep Nairdnb
extras (b7 lb2 w8 nb1)18 
  3 for 180(33.0 ov)

1-0(Andrew Robertson) 2-163(Imran Khan) 3-170(Joseph Smart)

Widmer End St Margarets 1st Bowling
Chris Beeby9149100
Kenny Holt10225100
John Wyatt2015000
A Walters5024000
B Hobbs3027000
D Lewis3024000
A Walters107000

*Captain Wicket Keeper - Last updated 16 Jul 2019 GMT