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Little Marlow 2nd XI Vs The Lee 2nd XI
Little Marlow
27 Jul 2019, Start: 1 PM
Division 2, 1 Inns, Round 12
Umpires - Ken Moseley
Match Drawn
Toss won by Little Marlow 2nd XI

The Lee 2nd XI Batting - Innings 1
1Fraser Chapmanc Ged Holmes b Matthew Wilson4000
2Mark Channerc Steve Shore b Matthew Wilson24012
3Mike Cooperb Matthew Wilson72051
4Steve Painc&b Guy Thistlethwaite0000
5Andrew Knottb Dave Steer13020
6Lj Martinb Dave Steer3000
7Charlie Lineb Dave Steer11020
8James Sharman*not out 25010
9Jordan Essexnot out 39051
10James Newburydnb
11Oliver Cupitdnb
extras (b15 lb5 w6 nb0)26 
  7 for 217(47.0 ov)

1-5(Fraser Chapman) 2-70(Mark Channer) 3-70(Steve Pain) 4-117(Andrew Knott) 5-123(Lj Martin) 6-143(Charlie Line) 7-145(Mike Cooper)

Little Marlow 2nd XI Bowling
Matthew Wilson12238300
Raghu Mamidipalli9043000
Ged Holmes8045000
Sai Pavan Kumar5018000
Guy Thistlethwaite6113100
Dave Steer7040300

Little Marlow 2nd XI Batting - Innings 1
1Richard Tinsleyb Oliver Cupit22020
2Sai Pavan Kumarc Fraser Chapman b Jordan Essex25012
3Neil Lancumb Mike Cooper59060
4Guy Thistlethwaiteb Lj Martin22040
5Ged Holmes*c Fraser Chapman b Mark Channer30021
6Steve Shorenot out 4000
7Toby Stokesnot out 0000
8Dave Steerdnb
9Raghu Mamidipallidnb
10Matthew Wilsondnb
11R Tedhamdnb
extras (b4 lb4 w14 nb1)23 
  5 for 185(29.0 ov)

1-43(Sai Pavan Kumar) 2-79(Richard Tinsley) 3-131(Guy Thistlethwaite) 4-165(Ged Holmes) 5-181(Neil Lancum)

The Lee 2nd XI Bowling
Jordan Essex6126100
Oliver Cupit8143100
Lj Martin5046100
Mark Channer6041100
Mike Cooper4021100

*Captain Wicket Keeper - Last updated 1 Aug 2019 GMT