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Littlewick Green 2nd XI Vs The Lee 1st XI
Littlewick Green CC
7 Sep 2019, Start: 1 PM
Division 1, 1 Inns, Round 18
The Lee 1st XI won by 148 runs
Toss won by Littlewick Green 2nd XI

The Lee 1st XI Batting - Innings 1
1Mike Harrisc Bill Green b Colin Russell24 
2Robert Walshc Mahesh Chandra b Louis Russell146 
3Mike Cooperc&b Chris Leakey35 
4Jamie Line*not out 40 
5Harry Huttnot out 1 
6Charlie Englanddnb
7Will Youngdnb
8Jack Starkdnb
9Harry Ricednb
10Jordan Essexdnb
11Matthew Linednb
extras (b2 lb3 w3 nb2)10 
  3 for 256(32.0 ov)

Littlewick Green 2nd XI Bowling
Jack Hesom3028000
Colin Russell8132100
Mike Duxbury3017000
Mahesh Chandra4033000
Aadith Chandra3037000
Chris Leakey4044100
Fred Herbert5045000
Louis Russell2016100

Littlewick Green 2nd XI Batting - Innings 1
1Colin Russellc Jack Stark b Harry Rice18 
2Bill Green*c Harry Hutt b Robert Walsh23 
3Mike Duxburyb Harry Hutt0 
4Chris Leakeyc&b Matthew Line5 
5Mahesh Chandrab Matthew Line0 
6David Herronc Jamie Line b Harry Hutt11 
7Jack Hesomb Harry Hutt4 
8Louis Russellb Harry Hutt6 
9Aadith Chandrab Harry Rice7 
10Ben Duxburylbw b Robert Walsh0 
11Fred Herbertnot out 18 
extras (b9 lb0 w3 nb4)16 
  10 for 108all out (50.2 ov)

The Lee 1st XI Bowling
Will Young7217000
Harry Rice6.2215200
Harry Hutt12415400
Matthew Line8511200
Jack Stark4020000
Jordan Essex324000
Robert Walsh729200
Mike Cooper318000

*Captain Wicket Keeper - Last updated 11 Sep 2019 GMT